Diese Woche bei den Top 5 Unity Assets – 3D Characters – 2023.

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Der Unity Asset Store beherbergt eine wachsende Bibliothek an kostenlosen und kommerziellen Assets.
Diese sind sowohl von Unity Technologies als auch von Mitgliedern der Community erstellt worden.
Es ist eine große Auswahl an Assets ist verfügbar, von Texturen, Modellen und Animationen bis hin zu ganzen Projektbeispielen, Tutorials und Editor-Erweiterungen.
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Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – Bird Flock Bundle


Bird Flock Bundle is a collection of bird flock assets. This asset features a variety of birds and behaviors at a discounted package price.


• Easy to use

• Low poly

• Obstacle avoidance

• Landing spots

• Includes skybox and feather particles

• Sound Script and Sound Effects

Pack Contains

★ Bird Flock Sparrow

★ Bird Flock Pigeon

★ Bird Flock Crow

★ Bird Flock Vulture

★ Bird Flock Seagull

★ Bonus Butterfly

Combined value $80~

Upgradable to Complete Bird Flock Bundle at a dicsount.

Compatible with Unity 5.1 up to new versions of Unity(2021+)

Supportavailable for assistance if any problems should occur.

Platz 4 – Toon Character Pack


Toon Character Pack is a collection of low poly characters with example scripts and effects. The UV’s are set up so that it is easy to create new textures.


• Toon Character Models

• Low Poly (370 ~ 570tris)

• Mecanim

• 30x 2048x2048px Textures

• Transparent Toon Shader (Ninja)

Update 1.9

• Added smooth version of all the models, with higher vertex count.

Update 1.7

• Added 100+ Bonus Mecanim Animations

Ignore animation warnings on import, they are harmless

Update 1.6

• Added Archer Girl Model Texture

• Added Girlie Girl Model Texture

• Added Zombie Girl Texture

• Improved Male Zombie Texture(Old included)

Update 1.5

• Gravity now applies

• Added Girl Model Texture (working on more)

• Added Wizard Model Texture

• Added Evil Wizard Model Texture

• Added Knight Texture

Update 1.4

• Added Convict Texture

• Added Santa Claus Model Texture

• Added Elf Model Texture

• Added Snowman (can’t move hands)

Update 1.3

• Added Decapitation and Head Explosion

• Added Cop, Chef and Fireman Texture

• Added Blinking

Update 1.2

• Added Ragdoll to Prefabs* +Control Script

• Added Floating Ragdoll example (Astro)

• Added Undead Yeti Texture

• Added Decapitated Prefab +Control Script

• Added Pirate Texture

• Added Camo Ninja Texture

• Added Pumking Head Model and Texture

• Fixed File Names

*Ragdoll can be though on mobile

Update 1.1

• Added Rumbo Texture

Compatible with Unity 5.1 up to new versions of Unity(2021+)

Supportavailable for assistance if any problems should occur.

Platz 3 – Animal pack deluxe


This package contains 26 different animated and rigged animals. All textures are PBR ready, some animals containt secondary color textures for animal variations. Animals contain few animations: idle, walk, run, die, eat, attack…

Platz 2 – Horse Animset Pro (Riding System)


Riding System using the Animal Controller to make your character Ride gorgeous Animals

Integrations | Quick Guides | Build Demo | Forum | Manual | Discord


⭐*New Weapons While Grounded

⭐*New Glider

⭐Everything included in Animal Controller

Here is your ultimate Riding System!

Horse AnimSet Pro(HAP) is an animation framework controller, Root-Motion or In-Place, for any Creature or Humanoid character.

Based on Scriptable Architecture, the asset uses modular features that you can add or remove to best fit your projects.

With more than 100 -quality Animations, HAP is the number one Riding System for Unity.

There are over a hundred tools that will help you achieve any situation without having to write a line of code.

Even though it includes a horse to mount, you can ride any creature from tiny rabbits to gigantic dragons.

Ready to use multiple combat abilities while riding or on the ground or simply have a smooth ride on any creature.

From Medieval lands to the harsh Wild West HAP is the cutting-edge riding solution.

This package is continuously growing with more features and animations on each update!

Contact:[email protected]

Platz 1 – Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK


This is a set of Kinect-v2 (aka ‘Kinect for Xbox One’) examples that use several major scripts, grouped in one folder. The package contains over thirty demo scenes.

Apart of the Kinect-v2 and v1 sensors, the K2-package supports Intel’s RealSense D400-series, as well as Orbbec Astra & Astra-Pro sensors via the Nuitrack body tracking SDK.

Web | Forum | Twitter | Docs | Tips&Tricks

The avatar-demo scenes show how to utilize Kinect-controlled avatars in your scenes, gesture-demos – how to use programmatic or visual gestures, fitting room demos – how to create your own dressing room, overlay demos – how to overlay body parts with virtual objects, etc. You can find short descriptions of all demo-scenes in the K2-asset online documentation.

This package works with Kinect-v2, Kinect-v1 (aka Kinect for Xbox One & Kinect for Xbox 360), Intel RealSense D415 & D435, Orbbec Astra & Astra-Pro, and other Nuitrack supported sensors, as well. It can be used with all versions of Unity – Free, Plus & Pro.

How to Run the Demo Scenes:
1. (Kinect-v2) Download and install Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0. The download link is below.
2. (Kinect-v2) If you want to use Kinect speech recognition, download and install the Speech Platform Runtime, as well as EN-US (and other needed) language packs. The download links are below.
3. (Nuitrack) If you want to work with Nuitrack body tracking SDK, please look at this tip.
4. Import this package into new Unity project.
5. Open ‘File / Build settings’ and switch to ‘PC, Mac & Linux Standalone’. The target platform should be ‘Windows’ and architecture – ‚x86_64‘.
6. Make sure that ‚Direct3D11‘ is the first option in the ‘Auto Graphics API for Windows’-list setting, in ‚Player Settings / Other Settings / Rendering‘.
7. Open and run a demo scene of your choice, from a subfolder of ‚K2Examples/KinectDemos‘-folder. The short descriptions of all demo scenes are available here.

* Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 (Windows-only) can be found here.
* MS Speech Platform Runtime v11 can be downloaded here. Please install both x86 and x64 versions, to be on the safe side.
* Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 language packs can be downloaded here.

One request:
My only request is NOT to share this package or its demo scenes in source form with others, or as part of public repositories, without my explicit consent.

* If you get compilation errors like „Type `System.IO.FileInfo’ does not contain a definition for `Length’“, you need to set the build platform to ‚Windows standalone‘. For more information look at this tip.
* If the Unity editor crashes, when you start demo-scenes with face-tracking components, look at this workaround tip.
* If the demo scene reports errors or remains in ‚Waiting for users‘-state, make sure you have installed Kinect SDK 2.0, the other needed components, and check if the sensor is connected.
* For other known issues, please look here.

Documentation, Tips & Tricks:
* The K2-asset online documentation is available here.
* Many Kinect-related tips, tricks and examples are available here.

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