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Mercator is a lovingly designed app,
which combines adventure and construction elements to a classic „clicker game“,
that guarantees months of suspense.

Mercator demands your ability to form a bunch of wild heroes into a sworn community.
Are you strong enough to do this?

Take on a heavy inheritance and rebuild a weakened guild.

The letter in which you learned of your grandfather’s death contains the sad news and a special challenge:
Your ancestor wants you to continue his legendary guild far away from home.

You accept the inheritance, but what will await you?

When you arrive at your destination, you will quickly notice that a new beginning is waiting for you here.
There is not much left of the once successful guild, only the heroine Hiera, who was raised by your grandfather and holds the position faithfully.
Will you be able to revive the good old days of the guild together with her?

There’s a lot to do – get to it now!
Once you’ve chosen a new name for the guild, the hard work can begin.
Recruit new heroes in the tavern, send them on adventures into the city or into dangerous dungeons to obtain gold and resources, and build a guild hall from them.

If your heroes are strong enough, you can work with them to fulfill contracts and defeat especially tough enemies.
Manage your gold in the bank and do business with traders to sell excess resources or equip your heroes with better weapons for their adventurous forays.

For better returns, an alchemist will provide your heroes with effective potions. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to give the guild new glory – use them skillfully and you’ll be sure of success!

In addition, Mercator offers a lot of features:

– Choose a name for your new guild.
– Collect gold and resources by sending your heroes on adventures.
– Shorten the adventures with clicks.
– In the Contracts you’ll find strong opponents and plenty of rewards.
– Let your heroes gain experience and climb up to level 120.
– Weapons and equipment can be upgraded to level 20.
– Buy alchemist potions to increase the yield of resources, gold or experience and shorten the time for adventures.
– The guild hall allows better adventures, makes the dungeon available from level 3 and regularly unlocks new heroes in the tavern.
– The bank serves to store your resources and generates gold (even if you are offline).
– The merchant gets new resources for sale every 2 hours and buys excess resources from you.
– The dungeon is the big challenge for your heroes, here you will find powerful weapons and important equipment.

Daily rewards

Remember to pick up your login reward every day and complete the Daily Quests to get more resources.

Dungeon - Loot

The dungeon will be unlocked from level 3 of the guild hall. Send the heroes with the lowest bonus values (except time bonus) to the dungeon, because these values do not affect the itemloot.


For advanced contracts it is indispensable to have a healer in the group. The first healer will be available in the tavern when the guild hall reaches level 16.

Tavern - Slot

In the tavern there is the slot machine. Here you can get an incredible amount of resources for crystals. The highest chance of winning is with 21 rows and 7 crystals total bid.

Battery - Save

In the graphic settings, you can reduce this greatly. A lower setting, especially for the resolution, also reduces the battery consumption considerably.


The order in which the heroes were selected for a contract is decisive. The opponent will always attack the front heroes first.
Note, however, that there are also opponents who attack more than one hero.

Support heroes

If you send a hero on an adventure to support the dungeon or the villagers, you can help them complete the task. To do this, click on the book symbol of the hero you want to support several times in the adventure selection. Each click reduces the time the hero spends on the road.

5-times reward

If you sign a contract successfully for the first time, you will receive the displayed rewards, plus the bonus of your heroes five times. In addition, you will receive a random potion from the alchemist.


Who is attentive in the tutorial, notices that in the options under Social there is also the possibility to redeem vouchers and could already get hold of the first one. Of course we also want to reward the attentive readers of this website. Just try „ProjectMakers“ as code.

Hiera Quatresold

Hiera Quatresold grew up on the streets.

She knows neither family nor good friends and is herself the next.
Fight for your life or die is her motto, which made her a good warrior. For enough pay, she faces the fight which she has always been able to fight for herself with her devious methods.

Not the honor, but the right pay is their motivation.


Cindy is not only the beautiful woman of the developer, the mother of a wonderful son and a terrific cook, she is much more like that. Since 2008 she makes me the happiest man in the world, because she is the sun and the light for me – always remember: I love you! PS: The best weapon for Cindy is probably the rolling pin!


He claims life since the beginning. To escape him simply impossible. To have him on his side priceless. Orders for him, a trifle.
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