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Our Modular Asset Sets are designed to help you use as many individual assets as possible in your projects.
Each set contains a handful of unique assets that can be combined and configured in any way.

What exactly is modularity?

In a modularized structure (modularity), different overall systems or subsystems are assembled from standardized individual components or assemblies.

Magic Wands

This is only a demo version of the asset. The quality was adjusted especially for this demo and is still much higher quality in the original.

This pack contains:

8 Unique Weapons ready to use!
Each weapon are 3 divided in Top, Middle and Bottom.
512 unique combinations!

Effects and Lightning:


Each Magic Wand has its own particle effects and their own light sources.
These can be individually activated or deactivated.

Clean project structure:

An easy to use script to load, save and change the Magic Wands.
It also contains an event which is triggered when changing the weapon.
Also the lights and particle effects can be activated and deactivated via the script.



All Wand textures are 2048 x 2048 px.
Each Wand material has the following textures:
Ambient-Occolusion, Basemap (Albedo), Heighmap, Metal and Normalmap

The resolution of the particle effect textures varies depending on the size of the effects.

Render Pipeline:

This Asset is optimized for Built-in Render Pipeline.
URP and HDRP support is planned.


Wand 1 – 3384 vertices
Wand 2 – 3764 vertices
Wand 3 – 8337 vertices
Wand 4 – 8950 vertices
Wand 5 – 6901 vertices
Wand 6 – 5611 vertices
Wand 7 – 10738 vertices
Wand 8 – 3256 vertices

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