Your smartphone / tablet becomes a webcam.

With this app, every webcam is no longer necessary.
Start up and upgrade your smartphone / tablet to a webcam.

Smartphones nowadays usually have a much better camera than most webcams. Use this advantage and save the purchase of an expensive webcam!

Install the app on your smartphone, the server on your PC and start directly.


Your privacy

We do not track any data from you
and don’t need any permissions on your device beyond the direct use of the app.



Up to 4k and 60 FPS
Recognized as webcam
Optimized for slow wifi
3 quality levels


Easy to set up

Download App and Server
Start the server and the app
Enter IP and port
Start the stream


Ready for your applications!

SmartCam is recognized by your PC as a webcam.
So you can use your applications as usual and configure the SmartCam as a webcam.


Better than your webcam!

In direct comparison, with the same resolution, most webcams don’t stand a chance against a middle class smartphone. Use this advantage!


More freedom through wireless!

As a streamer just take your viewers into the garden. With SmartCam this is possible!
Even the annoying cables at your desk are history.


Get your SmartCam now!

Start now with SmartCam and amaze your viewers with outstanding video quality and new flexibility.

Download and install Android App

Install Server App on your pc

Set port / IP and start


SmartCam - Server


To use the SmartCam App you need the server on your computer.
Download the server application here and install it with a few clicks.

*The app was created by us, ProjectMakers. We are certified as a trusted vendor by Microsoft.


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