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Platz 5 – Simple House Interiors – Cartoon assets


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Simple House Interiors – Cartoon assets

A simple asset pack of house interior assets to add to the existing simple assets.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Includes demo scene
















Platz 4 – MYFG – Weapon Pack


This is a high quality of medieval weapon pack which contains more than 340 items to give you a complete armory for your game. The hole package is Hand-Drawn Art Style and especially perfect for Top-Down Game. All objects offer 2 kinds of texture editions: One is each weapon has its own texture for you to pick and recombine your unique armory easily. The other is all models share one big texture in order to decrease drawcalls efficiently. The Low Poly design to allow things running smoothly and definitely nice to the mobile devices.

– 5 Arrows
– 21 Axes
– 6 Bolts
– 26 Bows
– 12 Crossbows
– 33 Daggers
– 27 Maces
– 27 Polearms
– 31 Shields
– 22 Staffs
– 41 Swords
– 18 Two-Handed Axes
– 27 Two-Handed Maces
– 29 Two-Handed Swords
– 18 Wands

Update v2.4
– added separated textures for each weapon
Update v2.3
– added 7 Weapons
Update v2.2
– added 12 Weapons
Update v2.1
– added 12 Weapons
Update v2.0
– added 10 Weapons
Update v1.93
– added 10 Weapons
Update v1.92
– added bow and crossbow without strings
Update v1.9
– added 55 Weapons
Update v1.8
– added 24 Weapons
Update v1.7
– added 18 Staffs
Update v1.6
– added 28 Weapons
Update v1.5
– added 16 Swords
Update v1.4
– added 22 Polearms
Update v1.3
– added 16 Weapons
Update v1.2
– added 15 Daggers
Update v1.1
– added 18 weapons

Don’t forget to come back for updates.
Contact us: [email protected]

Platz 3 – Guns Pack


Another Dollar Asset!
This guns pack contains 4 different guns, ideal for modern or futuristic FPS games.

Each gun come with a PSD texture, a mobile version (with atlased and lower resolution texture) and a ready to use prefab.

All guns, with the exception of the rocket launcher, come with a reload animation.

– Rocket Launcher: 5439 Tris
– Sci-fi Rifle: 5839 Tris
– Submachine Gun: 6710 Tris
– Shotgun: 4696 Tris

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Platz 2 – Biggest Props Pack // Gest


This asset contains a pack of HQ props and particles which can help to bring life into your game.

1.6 Version

Added 6 models: Vents modular, Propane, AC unit, Locker, Hand truck, Cart.

Ever felt like you are playing a game and the environment is kind of dull?

Well, this asset contains a pack of HQ props and particles which can help to bring life into your game. All the elements give a hint that there’s life going on in that game world.

Everything was made specially for games. All models are low-poly with PBR materials ( Albedo, Metallic+Roughness+AO, Normal map)

All models are divided by categories.

Models (58): Electric Scooter, Bird House, Park Table, Bench, Water Fountain, Mini Speaker, Trash bag, Coffee Vending Machine, Barbeque, Drone, Generator, Fishing Rod, Transformer Box, Trash1, Trash2, Coffee Machine, Laptop, WoodRoll, Mower tractor, Grass, Basketball ball, Basketball Hoop, Basketball court, Bench, Trashcan, 4 Fences, Street light, Guitar, Skate, Air balloon, Cat cage, Mail box, Park chair, Park table, Park umbrella, Pay phone, Rope park (8 meshes), Shopping cart, Street trash bin, Robot vacuum cleaner, Vents modular, Propane, AC unit, Locker, Hand truck, Cart.

Particles: Trash simulation.

Sounds: Environments Sounds pack.

Categories: Electronic, Fences, Garden, Nature, Office, Park, Particles, Sport, Street, Trash, Urban, Vehicle, Village, Industrial.

There isn’t a model that you specifically need? You can request one!

After buying this asset, you can request a model that you need and if it suits the theme of this pack it will be added after some time.

This asset runs with Universal Render Pipeline materials.

If you use Standart Render Pipeline all materials will appear pink, to solve this select all materials from the asset and change Material shader to standart (metallic)

Textures: 4096x4096px Verts: ~1-6 per model

Discord support: discord.gg/KFwnff

Email: [email protected]

WEB: gest.lt/

Platz 1 – Low Poly Ultimate Pack


The Ultimate Pack for low poly graphics. Great for prototyping/making low-poly styled art and games.

The Ultimate Pack for low poly graphics.

Great for prototyping/making low-poly styled art and games.

There is nothing like this in the market: 7 years of work with free monthly updates.

The creation of this pack was only possible thanks to you, all of our users and we would like to use this opportunity to thank you, promising that we will continue expanding this massive creation making it the best thing ever 🙂

— Content —

  • More than 2 Prefabs with colliders
  • Many great Inspiration Scenes
  • Set of generic Animations
  • Material and Atlas texture workflow
  • (Two versions of each model for speed or optimization)
  • Rigged simple people characters with Mixamo support
  • (Not the same as Low Poly Animated People)
  • Free monthly updates
  • URP support watch
  • VR/AR ready
  • Simple to use, well organized

— Models —

Animals (x28)

Static Animals models without rigs

(Not the same as Low Poly Animated Animals)

‍♂️ Apocalypse (x54)

Beach (x16)

Buildings (x125)

Egypt (x38)

Electronics (x13)

Fantasy (x79)

Farm (x12)

Food (x66)

Furniture (x25)

India (x20)

Japan (x32)

Medieval (x33)

Military (x6)

Music (x32)

Nature (x186)

‍‍ People (x206)

Rigged simple people characters with Mixamo support )

(Not the same as Low Poly Animated People)

‍☠️ Pirates (x28)

Props (x78)

Racing (x10)

Resources (x24)

Roman (x2)

Sci-fi (x175)

Space (x14)

Sport (x18)

Survival (x22)

Terrains (x69)

Terrain Tiles (x104)

Tools (x14)

Vehicles (x70)

Weapons (x15)

Western (x20)

WW2 (x18)

(Not the same as Low Poly War Pack)

Zulu (x14)

— Scenes —

– All Models

– Low Poly Worlds

– Pirates

– City

– Suburban town

– Snowy Castle

– Wild West

– Castle in the clouds

– Dungeon

– Alien planet

And the best is yet to come 🙂 Thank you all for purchasing our pack! If you have a specific requirement for a model, we will be happy to add it! Just send us an email at [email protected]

— Other Low Poly Packs —

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Low Poly Animated People

Low Poly Animated Dinosaurs

Low Poly Animated Prehistoric Animals

Low Poly Epic City

Low Poly Ultimate Pack

Low Poly War Pack

Poly Universal Pack

— Toolkits —

Ultimate Crafting System

— 2D Packs —

Low Poly Icon Pack

Fancy Icon Pack

2D SDF Nodes

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— Media —

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