Diese Woche bei den Top 5 Unity Assets – Audio Ambient Nature – 2023.

Wir haben für euch die Top 5 Unity Assets – Audio Ambient Nature – 2023 zusammen gestellt.

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Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – Organic Nature Sounds


Organic Nature Sounds is a pure source of raw and lightly edited field recordings works beautifully when set as the centerpiece of your ambient soundscapes.

Organic Nature

Here’s an ultra-flexible and practical collection of ambient nature sounds that perform in the clutch when you need to call on the sounds of Mother Nature. Face it you can go on out and get wet, frozen, sunburned, soaked and sweaty and keep on delaying your production by trying to capture some of these sounds yourself. With the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature ambient sound library you don’t even need to pack your umbrella. Just camp in your studio in the comfort of your own mixing desk and let mother nature speak in the form of more than 160 awesome ambient nature sounds.

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This ensemble of pure source, raw and lightly edited field recordings works beautifully when set as the centerpiece of your ambient soundscapes. Just sweeten with your own elements and locale and create authentic environmental conditions that set the tone for great media experiences. The Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound library includes premium quality audio assets and over 3 full hours of sound covering; beaches, birds, fire, forests, freezing rain, ocean, rain, summer nights, thunderstorms, winter, woodlands, and a morning snow shower as well.

Forget about messing with your umbrella and suntan lotion, let the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound effects library bring Mother Nature into your next game or media production. Includes the entire Epic Nature Loops collection too.

Product Specs:

  • 160+ files
  • 2.1 GB
  • Includes the Epic Nature Loops Collection
  • All files in .WAV, 44,100, 16 Bit Stereo
  • Ambient Nature Sound Library with Over 3+ Hours
  • Field Recored in Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington State
  • Raw Source Recordings or Lightly Edited
  • Fire, Rain, Thunder, Freezing Rain
  • Ocean, Forests, Woods,
  • Winter, Spring, Summer Seasons
  • Long and Short Format Sound Clips More!

Platz 4 – Ambient Loops


It is an asset with „looping environmental sound (32 types. Sea, rain, running water etc)“ and „bonus sound effect (41 types)“ set. The environmental sound consists of short audio files as short as 5 seconds, and by playing them in a loop, reduction of file capacity and tone quality are compatible.
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Platz 3 – Natural & Rural Audio Pack


Natural & Rural Audio Pack is a collection composed of 3. audio wav files , including 180 original soundtracks loops. All of them SFX sound effects and loops including natural ambiences; OST- short loops; animals, characters, doors, footsteps, impacts, interacts, interactions, leitmotivs, natural rural units and GUI-Pickup-Drops-Drag-Transitions sound effects (Wav Files) , perfect in order to get the ambient for any kind of videogame.

Natural & Rural Audio Pack Demo Reel..

The 180 OST loops are perfectly extracted and looped from Personal & Classical Music Covers Vol.I .

All the sound effects are real, basic and cleaned recordings (clear sound effects) so the developer can make his/her own postproduction (adding the own reverb, delay, echoes). For some of them they have been applied effects in order to get cartoon or funny sense.

The pack is organized into 3 main folders. The Folder Updates will be created for the next updating.

– Natural Ambiences. 376 sound effects.
– OST- Short Loops. 180 original soundtrack loops.
– Natural sound effects : 1508 sound effects.
– Footsteps : 910 sound effects.

Quality : 16 bit 48.1kHz WAV Mono and 16 bit 48.1kHz WAV Stereo, depending on suitability.

There are included all the basic recording sound effects (perfectly cleaned, arranged, edited and normalized) so the developer can adjust it according to its pleasure, using Unity3D.

Original Sound effects have been recorded at 96 Khz and perfect cleaned – 4 noise reduction filters applied (2 by hardware, 2 by software, Hiss Reduction, Click $ Pops Eliminator Filters).

If you wish another format or quality, not over 96 khz, or you need other different sound effects, please contact me :

[email protected]
[email protected]

Multi-purpose high quality sound effects library containing 3. sound effects ultimately suitable for any kind of videogames.

First update :

– 4 soundtracks of Christmas & Winter Songs for Videogames.
– Updated to Unity 2018.
– New images for the Asset Store.

Affordable royalty free sound effects for commercial games and for prototyping.

The pack will be updated once a month (Updates Folder).

Feel free to provide requests and feedback.

Only $8 for 3. sound effects (including 180 original soundtrack loops)…

Platz 2 – Sounds From Nature


This package includes sounds from rivers, birds, the sea, night crickets, and a fantastic dry thunderstorm. All perfectly captured to bring your ambiences to life.

33 long sounds recorded and processed at 96kHz ready to loop in Unity.

All are recordings are from the North of Spain – from the forests of Bustantegua to „la virgen del mar“ in Cantabria. …

Platz 1 – Epic Nature Loops


Epic Nature Loops

Curated by Epic Stock Media audio engineers, this natural selection of seamless loops is a subset of our Organic Nature sound library. Particularly suited for games, multi-layer environments and backgrounds, the Epic Sounds and FX Epic Nature Loops sound FX collection includes traditional and alternative points of view on the sounds of wind, water, rain, thunder and fire. The collection is a fantastic complement to any sound designer needing to recreate organic environments or soundscapes and even includes all natural freezing rain sounds. You probably haven’t seen that available anywhere else!

The awesome power of nature is in your mix and you’ll be in total control with these beautifully captured sounds. You might even think you’re godlike (Yikes!). Don’t let all this sonic power go to your head though. Instead, just sit back, mix it and mash it and you’ll be impressed with the epic auditory experiences you can create with the Epic Nature Loops – ambient nature sound loop library.

Product Specs:
70 Seamless Loops
385.1 MB
All files .Wav, 44.1kbs, 16 bit
Perfect compliment weather graphics animations All tracks are Loop-able
Loops Only – Get Organic Nature for the Source and Long Format Sounds
Instant access to over 35+ minutes of the sounds of nature
Beaches – Ocean waves, water ripples Misc Rain sounds – Soft, light, heavy, distant, Freezing Rain!
Fire – Light, crackling, smoldering, steady, deep hiss,
Forest – woodland, birds, distant
Summer Forest – Insects, bugs, birds, wildlife, day, night, Thunder, Lightning, Storms
Raw Source Recordings, and Lightly Edited Files Recorded in Washington State, South Carolina, and Tennessee

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