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Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – EnhancedScroller


Website / Docs / Tutorials | Demo

Want a fast and mobile-friendly way to display tons of data?

EnhancedScroller virtualizes your data, showing only the elements it needs to. Take thousands of rows and display them in a handful of UI elements, speeding up processing and saving memory. There is no object destruction, so your platform won’t have to run garbage collection. Best of all, it works on top of Unity’s own built-in UI system components.

Lists are data driven and created dynamically, so you won’t have to set them up at design time. The scroller doesn’t need to be aware of data or view presentation, focusing only on managing your list for a true MVC experience. Optional looping allows you to show infinite lists of data. Each cell can have its own size, or they can all share the same size. Optional snapping lets you lock your cells to a particular location. Tweening eases your jumping and snapping transitions to give a smooth user experience.


* Dynamic, data-driven lists
* MVC framework to maintain a separation of concerns
* Efficient recycling of list items
* Optional infinite looping
* Multiple list item sizes supported, or pass a global size
* List items are fully customizable to fit your project
* Optional snapping locks your scroller
* Tweening to ease jumping and snapping
* Demos, tutorials and full C# source code are all included.

Platz 4 – 3D WebView for Windows and macOS (Web Browser)


Easily display and interact with web content in 3D or 2D using the web browser plugin trusted by thousands of developers. See the developer site for full documentation.

Load a webpage from a URL or HTML string

Watch videos and YouTube (including MP4s and streaming)

Create UIs with HTML

⚡️ Get started fast with the 3D WebViewPrefab or 2D CanvasWebViewPrefab, which render to a Texture2D and handle user interactions (click, scroll, hover, drag)

⌨️ Type with the included on-screen keyboard or native keyboard

• C# source code for a unified API that works seamlessly across Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, WebGL, and UWP / Hololens (each platform sold separately)

• Powered by Chromium (currently v100)

• Comprehensive APIs for controlling the browser and listening to browser events

• Execute JavaScript

• Send messages from JavaScript to C# and vice versa

• View and create PDFs

• Integrate with OAuth

• Includes additional APIs for platform-specific features

• Supports transparent pages


• 3D WebView’s included demo scenes:
◦ SimpleWebViewDemo
◦ CanvasWebViewDemo
◦ AdvancedWebViewDemo
◦ CanvasWorldSpaceDemo
◦ PopupDemo

• Oculus example (Quest, Quest Pro, Rift)

• XR Interaction Toolkit example

System requirements

• Unity 2018.2 or newer

• Windows 8+ (x64) with D3D11 graphics

• macOS 10.10+ (x64 Intel, arm64 Apple Silicon) with Metal graphics

• Supports both Mono and IL2CPP

• Adds ~170 MB to the app’s size (this can be reduced)

Important notes and limitations

• This package only supports Windows and macOS. To support other platforms, you can install additional 3D WebView packages, and you can save money on multiple packages by buying a bundle. All of the 3D WebView packages work seamlessly together, so all you need to do is install them into the same project, and then 3D WebView automatically detects and uses the correct plugin at runtime and build time.

• 3D WebView’s native Windows and macOS plugins are provided as precompiled libraries, and the native source code for them is not provided.

• Some HTML5 widget popups (like date picker inputs) aren’t rendered. For more details, please see this page.

• The H.264 video codec for MP4s and streaming is disabled by default but can be enabled.

• The Windows plugin supports building for x86, but the resulting 32-bit app will only run on 64-bit versions of Windows because 3D WebView embeds a 64-bit Chromium executable.

• Building for the Mac App Store is not supported.

• On macOS, the dynamic library used by the Unity process is a universal library that supports both x64 Intel and arm64 Apple Silicon CPUs. The executable for the Chromium process is currently x64 only but runs successfully on arm64 Apple Silicon Macs via Rosetta.

• The Windows and macOS plugins embed Chromium Embedded Framework, so you must display a copy of its included BSD-style license in your desktop app’s about page or credits.

Platz 3 – Curved UI – VR Ready Solution To Bend / Warp Your Canvas!


The only true curved interface system on asset store. Tested by thousands of developers. Made for Unity Canvas. Works with all Render Pipelines. Supports TextMeshPro.

10-second setup. Simply add a component to your canvas and choose how you want to interact with it.

✔ Mouse
✔ Gaze
✔ SteamVR SDK (both 1.4 and 2.0+)
✔ OculusVR SDK (both Rift and Quest)
✔ Unity XR Toolkit 1.0+ & New Input System
✔ Your own control method. See code snippet.

An all-in-one VR interface package designed for the new Unity Canvas system. Bends the canvas in world space, allowing the player to view and interact with it from any angle. Create intricate designs, while still using the same Unity canvas workflow you’re used to!

Enrich your VR project with UI that will fully immerse your players. Get that Minority Report feel with curved, interactive screens.

✔ 180 degree cylindrical shape to wrap your interface around the player.
✔ Ring shape to instantly create circular shapes from ordinary assets.
✔ Semisphere shape for that space helmet feel.

✔ Easy set-up – takes less than 10 seconds!
✔ Works on all render pipelines.
✔ Works with any VR headset.
✔ Built-in Gaze-To-Click feature.
✔ Works great in 2D.
✔ Supports interactions with 3D objects via EventTrigger component.
✔ Supports Text Mesh Pro.
✔ Optimized to reduce poly count.
✔ Works on mobile.
✔ Broad selection of small code snippets to let you get the most out of added functionalities.

Documentation here!

Questions? Reach me at
[email protected]

Platz 2 – Energy Bar Toolkit


Energy Bar Toolkit is the most complete progress bar solution available in Unity Asset Store. Energy Bar Toolkit is a set of scripts to help you create progress or health bars that you need. It’s powerful and simple because you don’t need any scripting knowledge to create many kinds of beautiful and functional bars in a matter of minutes.
Check out the documentation and look at the video tutorials just to see how easy it can be!

Home | Demos | Docs | Support | Forum

Unity5 and Unity UI support!
PlayMaker support
NGUI support
DF-GUI support
Atlases support
Easy positioning in 3D space
Can be used with C#, JavaScript and Boo
Easy to setup (no scripting!)
Built-in event system
Tested on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and WP8
Full inspector integration
No need to hit Play to see the results
Support for multiple resolutions
Attachable to 3D objects
Customizable bar labels
Many visual effects
Works with all Unity editions
3 bar packs included!

Platz 1 – NGUI: Next-Gen UI


NGUI is a very powerful UI system and event notification framework.

– Editor integration, WYSIWYG
– Localization, data binding, delegates, events
– Supports all platforms
– Make UIs that take 1 draw call
– Comes with full C# source code
– Extensively optimized
– Dedicated support
– More Info

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