Diese Woche bei den Top 5 Unity Assets – Tools Utilities – 2023.

Wir haben für euch die Top 5 Unity Assets – Tools Utilities – 2023 zusammen gestellt.

Der Unity Asset Store beherbergt eine wachsende Bibliothek an kostenlosen und kommerziellen Assets.
Diese sind sowohl von Unity Technologies als auch von Mitgliedern der Community erstellt worden.
Es ist eine große Auswahl an Assets ist verfügbar, von Texturen, Modellen und Animationen bis hin zu ganzen Projektbeispielen, Tutorials und Editor-Erweiterungen.
Man kann auf die Assets aich direkt über den Unity-Editor integrierten Assetstore zugreifen. Dort kann man die Assets direkt für sein Projekt herunterladen und importieren.

Unity-Benutzer können im Asset Store Publisher werden und die von ihnen erstellten Inhalte verkaufen.
Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichung von Assets im Asset Store findest du hier.

Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – Build Report Tool


Trying to reduce your game build to less than 50 MB? Need to see which of your assets are eating up disk space?

This tool provides a nice front-end for Unity’s build info. It shows the assets included when you build and how much storage space each of them take.

WARNING: This plugin does not detect the building of Asset Bundles or Addressables. That includes usage of plugins like VRWorld Toolkit.

Asset Usage/Dependencies: See which asset is using which, to let you understand why an asset is being included in the build.

Unused Assets List: Maybe you have files you don’t use anymore? See what assets are not included in your build with the Unused Assets List!

Save to XML: Save your build reports to XML files! Store multiple build reports for reference, or perhaps send them to your teammates.

Project Settings: See what build settings were used on the project upon time of building. Useful for Continuous Integration systems when reviewing settings on automated builds.

DLL List: See exactly what Mono DLLs are getting included in your build and how much space they take.

Also works on Personal Edition and mobile.

For support or inquiries, send a tweet to @AnomalusUndrdog, send me a private message on the Unity forums, or join the discussion in our Unity forum thread

Platz 4 – Editor Console Pro


Editor Console Pro is a powerful replacement for Unity’s editor console.
As seen in:
Part of the 2017 Unity Mobile Essentials Pack!
Must-Have Unity Plugins [Gamasutra]
Unity Plugins Used While Developing Punch Club [Gamasutra]

Using Console Pro you can:

– Use a search field to filter all entries by text, file name, class, GameObject name on the fly.
– Search and filter using Regular Expressions.
– Create custom filter groups with their own colors, icons, and toggle buttons, instead of just the default Logs, Warnings, and Errors.
– See the source code surrounding each method call in the stack, allowing you to see and jump to the code around the log.
– Open your code editor to any method or line in a log’s stack by clicking on it, rather than just to the Debug.Log call.
– Easily see a log entry’s file name, namespace, GameObject name, and class in columns.
– Ignore logs you never want to see again.
– Ignore custom Debug.Log classes in the stack, so double clicking never takes you to the wrong code.
– Watch variables without spam using special logs that collapse even though they have different content.
– Use remote logging to get logs and stacktraces off of a standalone build or a phone/tablet build.
– Parse Editor.log or other log files as if they were the current logs
– Colorize the entire log line so you can quickly see different log types.
– Use custom fonts and colors.
– Copy full logs and stack traces to the clipboard with one click.
– Export the entire console output to a txt file, including stack traces.
– Override Unity’s status bar click.

Note: If you are having problems in 2017.*, please make sure you are logged into the asset store account you bought it with so you can update to the newest version!
Overview and tutorial video

Platz 3 – Odin Inspector and Serializer


Odin puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful and advanced user-friendly editors for you and your entire team.

The Asset Store version is for entities or companies with revenue or funding less than $200k in the last 12 months. Enterprise options are available here.

☄️ OdinInspector.com: Learn what Odin Inspector is all about.

☄️ Manual: Get started quickly

☄️ Trial: Try it out before you buy it

☄️ Support: Submit any questions

☄️ Roadmap: What’s next?

Odin Inspector is governed by the license agreement at odininspector.com/terms, not the standard Unity Asset Store EULA.

With an effortless integration that deploys perfectly into pre-existing workflows, Odin allows you to serialize anything and enjoy Unity with 100+ new inspector attributes, no boilerplate code and so much more!


– Effortless Integration

– Editor Only Mode

– Odin Editor Windows

– Input Validation

– Serialize Anything

– Powerful Lists

– Insanely Extendable

– Color Palettes

– Dictionaries

– Much More!

• Effortless Integration:

Odin is extremely easy to use and won’t break your existing workflow. In fact, you don’t even need to inherit from anything, which means your existing editors will continue to work even with Odin.

• Editor-Only Mode:

Use Odin only for its editor improvements by disabling serialization completely.

• Odin Editor Windows:

You can now use Odin to rapidly create custom Editor Windows to help organize your project and game data.

• Input Validation:

Empower your entire team by allowing your developers to setup scene and input validations, making using Unity easier than ever for artists and developers alike.

• Serialize Anything:

Odin uses our highly-rated custom serialization protocol, allowing you to either inherit from our SerializedBehaviour, SerializedScriptableObject etc. or add a few lines of code to your existing class, and everything serializable shall be serialized. Yes, even polymorphic types!

Odin serialized prefabs are deprecated in 2018.3+ due to the nested prefab system.

• Powerful Lists:

All arrays and lists implementing Microsoft’s IList interface are drawn by our powerful list drawer; drag drop, insert and delete individual items, multi-dim arrays, tables, cross-list and even cross-window item dragging, paging, nested list drawing, and much more!

• Insanely Extendable:

A powerful and flexible API lets you easily extend and modify how the inspector is drawn. Create entirely new property group types and custom drawers in moments!

• Much More!

Odin also adds; Dictionaries, Customizable Layouts, Asset Lists, Value Dropdowns, Inline Editor, Color Palettes, and yes, even more!


The feature-rich and optimized Odin Serializer supports:

– Desktop

– Android

– iOS

– WebGL

– PlayStation

– Xbox

– Nintendo Switch

– Oculus

– All IL2CPP platforms

– UWP only supported with IL2CPP backend


– Documentation

– Roadmap

– Community

– Issue-tracker

– Release Notes

– Website

– Support



Join in on the discussion on our Discord for support and answers to any question.

Odin is in constant development, and the forum is used to inform us of which new features we should add to Odin next. So share your suggestions with us, or chime in agreement with other community members suggestions.

Bought Odin before 28.05.2019? Redeem your invoice on our website to receive the Validator and Source Code addons for free.

Platz 2 – Rewired


Works in Unity 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022!

Rewired is an advanced input system that completely redefines how you work with input, giving you an unprecedented level of control over one of the most important components of your game.

Website | Documentation | Forum Thread | Free Trial

Native Input
Rewired is not just another Unity input wrapper like other packages. Rewired supports many platforms that Unity supports with extended native support on Windows, OSX, Linux, Windows 10 Universal, WebGL, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Stadia. Rewired leverages native libraries to access input devices directly, allowing for far more control over input. This makes possible some very powerful features such as full hot-plugging support for joysticks, support for more than 20 buttons per controller, gamepad vibration, and more. Rewired is the only input system available for Unity with native support for all these platforms and the only to offer these advanced features. For other platforms, Rewired utilizes Unity’s input system so you still get access to all the other features it provides.

Rewired features a player-centric input system making it the ideal solution for multi-player games. Controllers are intelligently auto-assigned to players on connect/disconnect, so you don’t have to worry about what controllers each player owns. Access input by player instead of controller, so you always get the result you expect regardless of what controllers the player is using.

Controller Maps
Rewired features a powerful controller mapping system that allows you to create highly complex input schemes for any style of game. Map supported controllers by logically named elements instead of cryptic Axis 0, etc. Maps stack so you can create different maps for different game modes and switch between them easily. Create default controller layouts for a variety of controllers and allow the player to customize his own mappings. Save and load maps via XML.

Intelligent Hot-Plugging
Rewired solves all of Unity’s hot plugging problems on Windows, OSX, Linux, Windows 10 Universal, WebGL, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Stadia. (All other supported platforms depend on Unity’s hot-plugging support.) No more forcing your players to quit and restart when they change joysticks. No more guessing which controller is which. It just works.

Input Editor
Edit all your inputs from a powerful and easy to use editor. No coding just to add an action like some systems. Edit players, action and map categories, alternate map layouts, joystick, keyboard, mouse, and custom controller maps, input behaviors, and more from one convenient interface.

Cross Platform
Rewired takes the hassle out of cross-platform input. Supported controllers have been mapped for consistency on Windows, Windows 10 Universal, OSX, Linux, iOS, tvOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Webplayers. Rewired also supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Switch, Stadia, PSM, WebGL, NVidia Shield, and other Android-based consoles.

Supported Controllers
Rewired supports virtually any USB or Bluetooth controller via user mapping, and provides extended support for many common controllers of all types with more added all the time. Supported controllers are fully mapable by element name and have standardized axis directions.

Control Mapper
Rewired includes a complete, responsive, cross-platform runtime control remapping system. Simply add it to your project and configure it and your players can remap all their controls during the game! Highly configurable with built-in theme and language systems. Includes automatic or customized saving and loading of user data.

Touch Controls
Rewired comes with a set of customizable, on-screen Touch Controls suitable for mobile platforms and built using Unity UI. Use the included joysticks, buttons, touchpad, tilt control, and more directly in your games, or customize them fully to your needs.

More Features
• Get input by polling or use input events.
• Custom Controllers allow any source to be used to drive the controller’s element values (for on-scrn touch controllers and more).
• Supports 128+ buttons and 32+ axes per controller on Windows, OSX, and Linux.
• Support for special controller features such as gamepad vibration and DualShock 4 touchpad, lights, and gyro.
• Assign multiple controllers per player.
• Share controllers (like the keyboard) among players with separate maps for each player.
• Enable and disable maps by category for switching between game modes with different controls.
• Create user controller remapping screens with named controller elements, select a named controller from a list, and more.
• Controller element assignment conflict checking functions.
• Controller Templates makes defining maps for similar controllers quick and easy.
• Input Behaviors allow you to create actions that share similar properties without having to duplicate information.
• Double-press/click support with customizable timing.
• Keyboard modifier support with up to 3 simultaneous modifier keys.
• Axis calibration (min, max, zero, deadzone).
• ZERO bytes of memory allocated per-frame during gameplay means no garbage collection overhead.
• Works with many other packages from the Asset Store including:
• UFPS: Ultimate First Person Shooter
• PlayMaker
• Behavior Designer
• Bolt
• Cinemachine
• Third Person Controller
• Dialogue System
• Corgi Engine
• Realistic FPS Prefab
• Inventory Pro
• Motion Controller
• ORK Framework
• Quest System Pro
• Realistic Tank Controller
• Deftly
• Universal Fighting Engine
• UFE2
• Racing Game Starter Kit
• iRDS
• Rex Engine
• uSim
• uPlatformer
• Quest Machine
• Rucksack – Multiplayer Inventory System
• Space Combat Kit
• Ultimate Character Controller
• First Person Controller
• UTPS: Ultimate Third Person Shooter
• UFPM: Ultimate First Person Melee
• UTPM: Ultimate Third Person Melee
• So much more!

See the Rewired website for more information.

Platz 1 – Easy Save – The Complete Save Data & Serializer System


Easy Save makes saving and loading data simple by combining a serializer and storage into one neat package. Serialize just about anything and store it to file with ease.

Contact Us | Guides | Docs | Forum | Discord | Getting Started

★ On the Asset Store since 2011 ★

Why use Easy Save?

Serialize much more than other solutions

Including GameObjects, Prefab Instances, Components, ScriptableObjects, classes, structs, primitives, Arrays, Dictionaries, Lists, HashSets, Queues, even References to Unity objects, and much more

For Amateurs

It’s easy to use and well documented, with or without code

For Experts

A fast, feature-rich and extremely flexible save system

Regularly updated with new features

Including Encryption, Compression, Cloud, PlayMaker actions, Caching, CSV Spreadsheets and File IO

Compatible with

PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Universal, iOS, tvOS, Android, Oculus, Steam, WebGL

C#, Unity Visual Scripting, PlayMaker, Bolt

Integrate with other storage APIs such as consoles or cloud services**

Fully documented

Guides | Examples Tutorials | API Reference

Save using C#, or without code using AutoSave

C# Reference | AutoSave

Support for PlayMaker, Bolt and Unity Visual Scripting*

Access Easy Save from Bolt and Unity Visual Scripting graphs

Save and load using PlayMaker actions

Third-party NodeCanvas FlowCanvas integration**

Save almost any type

Our serializer was designed specifically for Unity

Unlike other systems, it can even serialize references

Fast and lightweight serializer

Using a JSON serializer designed specifically for Unity

5-star customer support

via email, dedicated forum and Discord

Secure save data with encryption

Encrypt save data

Compact files with compression

Makes files 85% smaller on average

Save load from the cloud

Upload to cloud database using PHP MySQL

Cross-platform save system

Use save files code on all supported platforms

Serialize data to spreadsheet

In CSV format for Excel

Much more flexible than PlayerPrefs

But just as simple to use

Unlike PlayerPrefs, it has File IO

Serializer stores data straight to file

Store strings/bytes as files

How do I use Easy Save?

See the Getting Started guide

Contact Us | Guides | Docs | Forum | Discord | Getting Started

*PlayMaker, Bolt, NodeCanvas, FlowCanvas are purchased separately.

** We take no responsibility for third-party integrations or APIs, and support for them is provided by the third-party rather than ourselves.

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