Diese Woche bei den Top 5 Unity Assets – VFX Shaders Substances – 2023.

Wir haben für euch die Top 5 Unity Assets – VFX Shaders Substances – 2023 zusammen gestellt.

Der Unity Asset Store beherbergt eine wachsende Bibliothek an kostenlosen und kommerziellen Assets.
Diese sind sowohl von Unity Technologies als auch von Mitgliedern der Community erstellt worden.
Es ist eine große Auswahl an Assets ist verfügbar, von Texturen, Modellen und Animationen bis hin zu ganzen Projektbeispielen, Tutorials und Editor-Erweiterungen.
Man kann auf die Assets aich direkt über den Unity-Editor integrierten Assetstore zugreifen. Dort kann man die Assets direkt für sein Projekt herunterladen und importieren.

Unity-Benutzer können im Asset Store Publisher werden und die von ihnen erstellten Inhalte verkaufen.
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Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – Procedural Sci-Fi PBR Materials


Substance to create custom sci-fi materials.


• Procedurally generated patterns

• 16 Hand made, adjustable patterns

• 6859 possible combinations, not counting infinite number of randomly generated patterns

• Adjustable Wear/Dirt/Leaks

• Decals adaptable to Wear/Dirt/Leaks

• Tools to create tile sets from patterns

Forum thread

Project page

Platz 4 – Carbon Fiber


Demo Link

This custom shader creates any realistic looking Carbon Fiber multi layer flat or reflective material. Perfect for Carbon Fiber car parts. The base RGB texture is complimented by a gloss specular mask for fiber gloss, controlled by the base texture Alpha map, and an optional normal map allows for adding of surface details and is then an overlay reflection map.

– This asset comes with three custom repeating fiber weave diffuse textures in PSD and PNG format and preset Alpha channel for specular gloss. Each PSD has four to ten customizable layers to edit and create any type of unique fiber and alpha channel gloss pattern.

– Alpha channel controls fiber gloss
– Compatible with DX11 Environment
– Includes two mobile shaders
– Added new custom PBR shade…

Platz 3 – Volumetric Crystal Materials Pack


High-quality volumetric crystal gems shaders, materials and models/prefabs for you to instantly drop into your game.

Youtube Video | Unity Forum Thread


Ready to use: 13 pre-made volumetric materials ready to be applied onto any 3D model (and mobile versions of all materials), 5 crystal models (and drop-in ready prefabs), 10 hand-crafted textures (volumetric height maps, etc), and shaders fully available.
Volumetric Realism: Professional-grade volumetric graphics technology using view-dependent math to make the object have depth and volumetric complexity.
Customizable: Easily customize the properties (color, texture, values, etc) of existing materials or build your own volumetric materials from our available shaders and textures.
Optimized: All materials are fully optimized (only single pass) using a custom graphics technique for fast volumetric calculations.
High-End Graphics Technology: includes reflections, volumetric view-dependent displacement layers, refraction transparency, specular highlights, shadows, and volumetric inner-glow effect.
Mobile Ready: We provide highly-optimized mobile versions of all of our materials/shaders as well, works on iPhone and Android devices.
VR Ready: Volumetric effect works perfectly in all VR (and AR) applications (HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift/Rift-S/Quest/GearVR/Go, Microsoft MR, Daydream, etc), single and multi-pass rendering paths. Supports instanced stereo-support.

Works in Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 and above.. Supports batching and GPU-instancing. Supported forward/deferred rendering paths and LWRP (Lightweight Render Pipeline), HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) and Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP). This effect also works on Console (XboxOne/Switch/PS4). Supports Fog. Note: URP/HDRP supported only on Unity 2020 and higher.
(Note regarding gamma textures on HDRP)

Support: [email protected]

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
Hang out with us on Discord

Platz 2 – Lowpoly Substances


Lowpoly Substances is a set of shaders, materials and models that make stylized animations of fire and water.

Lowpoly Substances is a set of shaders, materials and models that make stylized animations of fire and water. With Lowpoly Substances you can add stylish animated elements to your game without sacrificing performance.

Check out how it works:

Campfire demo (WebGL)

Customization demo (WebGL)

Features include:

Performance: vertex shaders are very fast, this way of animation is much faster than particles

Cross-platform: the effects work on all platforms, including mobile and WebGL

Easy integration: drop one of the included prefabs and you’re done

Customizable: animation shaders expose many parameters if you would like to change the animation

Complete: the package includes different models of low-poly substances (and all additional models in demos)

Flexible: the shaders and materials can be used on your own objects too

• Free updates

BTW, music in demo video is from Everloop, a non-linear soundtrack tool.

If you have any questions or requests please write us at [email protected]

Platz 1 – Water 2D Tool


Water 2D Tool allows you to make your 2D game more dynamic and engaging. The ability to animate the water can be used to create different puzzles and obstacles for the players.

Support and Social Links
Discord | Forum | Facebook | Doc

Supported Render Pipelines
✔ Built-In (Unity 2017.4+)
✔ URP (Unity 2019.3-2021.1, supported via included package).
Important: Unity 2021.2 URP is not supported.

❌ 2D Renderer

GPU Based Ripple Water:
•Ripple waves simulation.
•Dynamic water size with no ripple stretching.
•Ambient waves.
•Dynamic obstructions.
•Texture obstructions.
•Create texture obstructions inside Unity.
•Ripple sources.
•Rain simulation.
•Large water areas.
•Height animation.

Other Features:
-Water prefabs.
-Collider layer mask.
-Ray cast based character controllers can generate ripples now.
-On exit player ripple, particle system and sound effect.
-Manually generate ripples by calling GenerateRippleAtPosition().
-2D and 2.5D water.
-Water flow.
-The water size can be changed in
the editor using 4 handles.
-Physics based buoyant force.
-Linear buoyant force.
-Water animation.
-Constant water area.
-Water displacement by objects.
-Idle waves.
-Texture tiling.
-Support for 2D and 3D colliders.

Water 2D Tool buoyancy works only with dynamic objects and physics based character controllers.

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