Diese Woche bei den Top 5 Unity Assets – VFX.

Wir haben für euch die Top 5 Unity Assets – VFX zusammen gestellt.

Der Unity Asset Store beherbergt eine wachsende Bibliothek an kostenlosen und kommerziellen Assets.
Diese sind sowohl von Unity Technologies als auch von Mitgliedern der Community erstellt worden.
Es ist eine große Auswahl an Assets ist verfügbar, von Texturen, Modellen und Animationen bis hin zu ganzen Projektbeispielen, Tutorials und Editor-Erweiterungen.
Man kann auf die Assets aich direkt über den Unity-Editor integrierten Assetstore zugreifen. Dort kann man die Assets direkt für sein Projekt herunterladen und importieren.

Unity-Benutzer können im Asset Store Publisher werden und die von ihnen erstellten Inhalte verkaufen.
Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichung von Assets im Asset Store findest du hier.

Ohne groß durm herum zu reden:

Platz 5 – Camera Filter Pack

Camera Filter Pack : More Than 310 Awesome Filters for your Camera !

Now Single Pass Stereo Support ! ( Unity 5.4 and more )

Camera Filter Pack offer you the best collection of high quality full screen post-processing effects to enhanced and improved the quality of your game. All the filters are optimized and adjustable. Add and turn on awesome next-gen filters to your camera!

Platz 4 – Epic Toon FX

Epic Toon FX is a pack of 690 cartoony particle effects.

The effects are sorted into 3 categories: Combat, Environment and Interactive.


– Over 200 unique FX
– 690 Total prefabs
– Most FX available in 4 colors
– Many FX have different styles & variations
– 2D versions of some FX for side-scrollers
– Approximately 120 textures
– Extra 25 textures for emoticons
– Interactive demo project
– Included Sound FX for missiles/explosions

Combat Effects:

– Blood (12 types, 3 colors)
– BombFuse (2 types)
– Brawling (8 types, 2 styles)
– Death (10 types)
– Explosions (33 types, 4 colors)
– Flamethrower (2 types, 2 styles, 4 colors)
– Magic (10 types, 3 colors)
– Missiles (17 types, 4 colors)
– Muzzleflash (17 types, 4 colors)
– Nova (4 type, 4 colors)
– Sword (7 types, 4 colors)
– Text (3 types)

Environment Effects:

– Bubbles (2 types)
– Confetti (3 types, 6 colors)
– Dust (4 types)
– Fire (8 types, 4 colors)
– Fireflies (5 colors)
– Fireworks (2 types, 4 colors)
– Fog (3 types, 3 colors)
– Lightning (4 types, 2 styles)
– Liquid (3 types)
– Smoke (6 types, 2 colors)
– Sparks (3 types, 2 colors)
– Stars (4 types, 4 colors)
– Underwater (3 types)
– Water (10 types)
– Weather (10 types, rain, snow)

Interactive Effects:

– Emojis (23 types)
– Feathers (2 types)
– Flares (1 type, 5 colors)
– Healing (8 types)
– Hearts (5 types)
– Loot (5 types, 4 colors)
– Money (8 types)
– Portals (3 types, 5 colors)
– Powerups (6 types, 5 colors)
– Sparkle (3 type, 5 colors)
– Stars (5 types)
– Trails (5 types)
– Zone (4 types, 2-6 colors)

Platz 3 – Flat Kit: Cel / Toon Shading

Flat Kit is a complete solution to achieve the stylish cel-shaded look: shaders, models, image effects, presets, examples.
The custom shading model is versatile enough to work great for classic cel/toon shading and for unique styles of experimental projects.

• Polished Cel shading with lots of capabilities (see below)
• Gradient fog: Multi-stop horizontal/vertical gradient Fog Image Effect
• Terrain shader that works with Unity or third party terrain
• LightPlane shader for 3D highlights and god rays
• Mobile support
• Vertex color support, also works with Polybrush
• Ability to control Unity built-in shadows
• Indirect lighting support
• Intuitive, simple and streamlined interface — use only what you need
• Color the scene precisely — without guesswork
• Full source code
• Elaborated online manual

Core Cel shader overview:
• Cel shading with parametric banding: single, steps, curve
• Two independent cel layers
• Height gradient layer
• Couple of outline tools
• Parametric blend between normal and cel shading
• Stylized specular and rim lighting
• Reusable custom lighting in a .cginc file that you can integrate in your shaders (not required).

The package includes:
• 3 uber-shaders with lots of toggles and parameters
• Custom lighting library for toon shading
• 2 post-processing effects: fog and outline
• 7 demo scenes
• 90+ models
• 20+ material presets

The asset currently only supports the Standard Rendering Pipepline. It is not yet compatible with LWRP/HDRP.

Platz 2 – Lux Water

Lux Water is a simple yet robust solution to render water surfaces, which is focused on giving you reliable results as far as refraction, reflection and lighting are concerned.

Rendering Features
• Physically based shading including subsurface scattering
• Dual depth based color absorption
• Dual depth based underwater fog
• High precision refraction
• Cube map based and real time planar reflections
• Real time lit screen space caustics – no projectors are harmed (caustics work best using deferred rendering)
• Dynamic shoreline foam
• Simple Gerstner waves and dynamic foam caps
• Water volumes which allow you to create smooth transitions between above and below water surface rendering
• Water projectors which allow you to add local foam as well as local normals (and displacement)
• Tessellation and projected displacement
• Support for orthographic cameras
• Deep water rendering

Platz 1 – MK Glow

MK Glow is an artist-friendly and feature-rich post-processing effect, which simulates bright surface scattering of light. In addition to the bloom, some highly customizable extras, like lens surface, lens flare and glare are available. This shader is compatible with the Legacy and Scriptable Render Pipelines ).


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